Thursday, January 31, 2013

Week 3, Part 2: Web Resources

As an NAU GTA, I have the opportunity to teach both L1 and L2 writing classes.  Many of my students are not excited about writing, either because they think they're not good at writing (and have been putting off fulfilling that English requirement) or because they think they learned everything in high school AP classes.  To increase motivation, I encourage my students to view writing as exploring.  In my L1 class, I encourage students to propose a change to the prompt if they have a good reason (e.g., it fits the kind of writing they'll do in their future careers) and especially if it encourages them to explore something new.

Yesterday in our CALL class we viewed several web resources for presenting work in creative ways.  I plan to try a few of them myself, and I will be sending these links to my classes (both ENG 105 and 205 require a presentation to accompany one of the writing assignments).  The options for technology use in the classroom can be overwhelming, as we learned from our readings this week, but they can also provide opportunities for exploration.  I hope I will not be viewing 34 student PowerPoint presentations this semester (though PPT is a great tool).  Instead, I hope students take the opportunity to explore new ways of presenting their ideas and research.  Thanks to Dr. Smart and all my classmates for the plethora of web resources!

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